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How To Travel With Kids And Have Fun

How To Travel With Kids And Have Fun

With summer around the corner, we all seem to have one thing on our minds: vacation! While we know looking forward to a relaxing holiday is a great feeling, it’s also often a lot more work than we anticipate. This is especially true if you are travelling with kids. Our lawyers have put together their tips on how to efficiently travel with your kids and ensure everyone has a great time.

Take Your Time

As a parent you know that doing anything with a toddle takes extra time – and usually a lot of extra time. Everyone will feel more relaxed if there is time to explore and take in your surroundings without being on a time constraint. This means leaving for the airport well before your flight. You don’t want to worry about missing your departure because you needed and emergency bathroom break. It’s always best to air on the side of caution as you never know what might delay you when you’re travelling with kids.

Pack Each Child Their Own Goodie Bag

You should include toys and quiet games to keep them entertained and a few light snacks. It’s a good idea to keep treats similar to avoid fighting over play time, but also personalize to your child’s preferences. Keep in mind you will be in a small space so things like drawing are great. To not to pack anything that will disturb others in your area, this include anything with a strong smell, or loud toys.

Plan For The Worst

Make sure your child has multiple copies of your information such as phone numbers and the address of your destination. This is in case you become separated. For young children, who have a tenancy to roam, you can write your name and number on their jacket or backpack to help prevent them from losing it.

Be Comfortable

If your child is most comfortable in their pajamas, let them wear pajamas! This is not the time to sweat the small stuff. Make sure you plan for changes in climate too. You don’t want to step off a plane in a hot, humid environment with a heavy jacket.

Put Enough For 2 Days In Your Carry On

This advice has saved some of us on multiple occasions. In the unfortunate event that your bags do not arrive with you at your destination, you don’t want to be hunting for diapers or bathing suits as soon as you land. Make sure you have enough to last at least the first 24 hours until your luggage arrives, or you have time to buy new supplies.

If you are planning to travel with your kids this summer and need to have a travel authorization notarized, connect with us to set up a consultation. And have a happy and safe vacation!


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