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In Alberta’s family law, individuals navigating the intricate pathways of child support amid high-conflict custody scenarios often feel besieged. A key to mitigating the stress and potential harm to the children involved is ensuring financial stability and fairness, where a seasoned child support lawyer becomes indispensable.

It is recommended to seek guidance from a child support lawyer who is well-versed in the nuances of child support in the context of high-conflict custody cases, ensuring your children’s rights and well-being remain the primary concern. Engaging lawyers experienced in the multifaceted nature of family law, especially child support, is crucial.

At Jones Divorce & Family Law, our family lawyers’ approach to child support is formulated to provide you with the vital information and strategies necessary for a successful resolution. We recognize the emotional and financial complexities inherent in marital dissolution, and we’re dedicated to assisting you in attaining the most favourable result.

Child Support Explained

Child support is money paid to help cover the expenses of raising children. There are two types of child support: base (Section 3) child support and extra expenses (Section 7).

Base child support

A regular amount of money is paid on a monthly basis. It is also called Section 3 child support because it falls under Section 3 of the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Base child support is meant to cover the children’s basic expenses, such as their regular clothes, notional share of the mortgage/rent and utilities.

The amount of base child support that is paid depends on the regular parenting schedule that is in place for the children. In the event that the children spend roughly equal amounts of time with each parent, child support is pursuant to section 9 of the Child Support Guidelines. This section entails a comprehensive analysis, considering factors such as which parent covers specific costs for the children, to determine an appropriate amount of child support to be paid.

Extra Expense Child Support

separation support

Extra expense child support or Section 7 child support is payable over and above the monthly base child support amount. It is money that covers the extra costs of the children, those that fall under Section 7 of the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Section 7 states that certain expenses are shareable between parents in proportion to their incomes.

If you earn 75% of the joint spousal income, you would pay 75% of the extra Section 7 expenses.

Consult the Canada Department of Justice Federal Child Support Guideline Look Up to determine what amount you owe under the Federal Child Support Guidelines. At Jones Divorce & Family Law, Our highly experienced child support lawyers can help guide you with this.

Children’s Welfare at the Forefront

In all arrangements, if a parent feels a decision contradicts the child’s best interests—especially concerning financial support—they have the right to petition the court for a resolution. This means that even in high-conflict scenarios, no parent holds absolute control, and legal remedies exist for those feeling powerless or facing financial injustices.

How Our Child Support Lawyers Can Help High Conflict Custody Situations

Parents can challenge decisions that harm their child’s interests, including financial matters, by seeking court intervention. This ensures no single parent has unchecked power, especially in high-conflict cases, and offers a legal recourse for those feeling helpless.

Our Child support lawyers can support disputes that are emotionally and legally taxing. Missteps can have lasting consequences. However, our focused child support services make these hurdles easier to handle. We offer precise advice, strategic guidance, and deep knowledge of family law, helping parents face legal battles confidently. The support provided by our family lawyers simplifies a complex process, aiming for the best results for both parents and children.

With Jones Divorce & Family Law, self-represented parties gain the confidence to make smart, child-first decisions in court. Our expert guidance is vital, potentially shaping your case’s outcome and your children’s well-being.

” I have worked with many of the lawyers at Jones Divorce Law LLP and can honestly say they are all amazing. I am currently represented by Holly Lonseth who has the perfect balance of knowledge, compassion and objectivity. She meticulously crafted a brilliant argument/case for me and I feel so proud to have her in my corner. Her work ethic and attention to detail is outstanding and I feel like she knew my case better than I did. ”

– H.H.

“I’d like to express my deep gratitude to Lindsay Ewens-Jones for her patience, professionalism and legal guidance over the past two years. Not only is Lindsay an amazing lawyer, she’s a fantastic human being. The genuine compassion, empathy and personal support she showed my family was invaluable throughout our battle.

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t need the services of legal counsel going forward, but if I do need legal counsel again, it’s an incredible comfort to know that I’ll have one of the best in my corner”.
– A.B

Thanks Lindsay. You have been exceptional. While I hope that I never need to contact you in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so.