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Child support explained

Child Support Services -

Child support is money paid to help cover the expenses of raising children. There are two types of child support, base (Section 3) child support and extra expenses (Section 7).

Base child support

Base child support is a regular amount of money paid on a monthly basis. It is also called Section 3 child support because it falls under Section 3 of the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

Base child support is meant to cover the basic expenses of the children, such as their regular clothes, their notional share of the mortgage/rent and utilities.

The amount of base child support that is paid depends on the regular parenting schedule that is in place for the children. In the event one parent has the children in his/her care the majority of the time then base child support is paid in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines. In the event the children spend roughly equal amounts of time with each parent (when each parent is responsible for the children 40% of the time or more) then the amount of base child support is discretionary and depends on what parent pays what costs for the children.

Extra expense child support

separation support

Extra expense child support or Section 7 child support is payable over and above the monthly base child support amount. It is money that covers the extra costs of the children, those that fall under Section 7 of the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Section 7 states that certain expenses are shareable between parents in proportion to their incomes. So, if you earn 75% of the joint spousal income then you would pay 75% of the extra Section 7 expenses.

Consult the Canada Department of Justice Federal Child Support Guideline Look Up to determine what amount you would owe under the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Our child support lawyers can help guide you with this.