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What is mediation?

couple in mediation

Mediation is a way to resolve a dispute that involves the assistance of a specially trained neutral third party. The independent party assists the parties through an interest-based process, manages effective communication and helps the parties reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

In the event mediation is successful, parties enter into a legal contract outlining the terms of their settlement. If mediation does not result in an agreement, either party is free to pursue other action, including litigation or another form of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation can either be lawyer-assisted or attended only by the parties to the dispute.

Mediation can be combined with arbitration in a hybrid process that involves parties first attempting to resolve all of their issues by agreement in a mediation and then having the mediator conduct an arbitration hearing and render a final and binding decision for whatever issues remain unresolved, if any.

Our expertise in mediation

Our senior divorce lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in mediations and mediation / arbitrations as well as conducing mediations and acting as the independent third party mediator or mediator / arbitrator.

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