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What is parenting coordination?

parenting coordination services - jones divorce law

Parenting coordination is a means to resolve child-related disputes. A Parenting Coordinator is a mental health professional or a lawyer with specialized training in mediation, parenting coordination, and child development. The parent coordinator facilitates communication and cooperation between parents for the purpose of effectively co-parenting their children.

Parenting coordination is intended to provide a fast and cost-effective resolution for ongoing parenting disputes where the fundamental agreement about major decisions, how they are to be reached and when it has been determined whether or not there will be roughly equal parenting time or one party having primary care of the children. Even once these main issues have been decided, some parents run into ongoing conflict and require a quick and cost-effective means to resolve those disagreements.

Our parenting coordination experience

Jones Divorce and Family Law offers parenting coordination services delivered in several different ways so that parties can enrol in the program that best suits their needs. Parties can choose to sign up for parenting coordination that is just to assist parties in reaching an agreement or they can opt to have the parenting coordinator impose a binding decision upon the parties in the event of an impasse. Parties can sign up for parenting coordination services for a term of between six months to two years but only utilize the parenting coordinator in the event a dispute arises and they require professional assistance.