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Oral Hearing

The arbitrator will review the matter and confirm whether or not it is appropriate for the arbitration process selected.

When to use this service:

This process is a full arbitration hearing and is appropriate for multi-issue and in-depth matters.


A pre-arbitration conference call is required – timelines will be issued during at this time.

Parties shall exchange disclosure.
Questioning process is optional.
Oral evidence is required.

  1. Both parties will submit up to 10-pages of written arguments and up to 40-pages of supporting documents
  2. Both parties present their oral evidence and written augments to the arbitrator. Witnesses may also present oral evidence at this time
  3. Each party will then have the opportunity to write and submit a rebuttal to the other party’s argument
  4. The Arbitrator will issue a binding written decision (The Arbitration Award) and Consent Order within 15 business days of the hearing / final submissions


½ day (up to 4 hours) $2,500 – $4,500

Full day hearings will be billed by the Arbitrators hourly rate and time spent in the hearing and writing the Arbitration Award.

Prices are subject to the arbitrator selected.

*Please note, Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. reserves the right to increase fees if unexpected difficulties arise resulting in an increased scope of the issues to be resolved. You will be provided with advanced notice of any rate changes.

Tips for Written Evidence & Argument

  • The page limits for all supporting documents are strictly enforced. Any pages over the limit will not be read by the arbitrator. The arbitrator has the authority to deem certain supporting documents inadmissible.
  • All written statements should include the results you are seeking (the written statements) and the evidence you wish to rely on.
  • Clearly indicate the title of the document, your name, the other parties name and the arbitrator.
  • All written evidence and arguments must meet the following requirements:
    • 8 ½” x 11” paper;
    • 1-inch margins;
    • Times New Roman font (or equivalent) at 12-point font;
    • 1.5 line spacing; and
    • Single sided;