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Adoption explained

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Adoption is a wonderful way to bring a new child into the family, give a child a new home or legally solidify the relationship you have with a step-child. Adoptions creates legal obligations and rights that may not arise otherwise, and creates a legal relationship with the child as well as an emotional one.

Adoption in Alberta

There are two ways you can adopt in Alberta: publicly or privately. Both types of adoptions can be either open or closed and both types have different expenses, requirements and approvals before they can be completed.

Public adoption refers to the use of a public agency. Adoption in Canada is subject to provincial laws, and if you live in and want to adopt in Alberta, the Government of Alberta has extensive information, you can find out more here. You can adopt a child from another province, but you do need to be aware of the adoption laws of that province.

Private adoption just means any type of adoption that is not through the public adoption system. There are numerous provincially-licensed private adoption agencies that provide assistance with linking up prospective parents with birth parents.

Adult adoption

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An adult can be adopted in Alberta pursuant to the Adult Adoption Act. The Government of Alberta has a Self Help Kit for Adult Adoption which you can find here.

International adoption

International adoption can be very complex and there are additional fees to think about when undergoing this process, however, it is becoming more common. International adoption in Canada depends on the requirements of the childs country of origin, international legal requirements, and local provincial laws specifically the Hague Convention, and in Alberta the ChildYouth and Family Enhancement Act. Parents can also undergo a private international adoption wherein the childs country of origin has not implemented the Hague Convention or doesnt have an adoption process with your home province.