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Ensuring the well-being of your family

At Jones Divorce and Family Law, we understand that family matters can be complex and emotionally challenging. Our experienced team of family law lawyers are here to provide you with compassionate guidance and strong legal representation. Whether you are facing a parenting dispute, need help reaching an equitable division of property, or any other family-related legal matter, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and advocating for your best interests.

Family law services we offer

How family law lawyers can help

Our family law lawyers in Calgary specialize in the intricacies of family law and are knowledgeable about relevant statutes, regulations, and precedents. We have a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and can provide guidance on various family law matters.

Legal Advice and Guidance – At Jones Divorce and Family Law, our lawyers provide accurate advice and guidance on various family law matters. We help clients understand their rights, obligations, and available legal options, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Preservation of Rights – Throughout the entire process, we ensure that our client’s legal rights are safeguarded. We advocate for our client’s interests, ensuring that their rights to due process are upheld.

Legal Strategies – Our legal strategies are tailored to each client’s objectives and priorities. We analyze the facts of the case, assess the legal landscape, and devise strategies that maximize the protection of our client’s rights while aiming for the most favourable outcomes.

Representation in Court – If a family law dispute requires court intervention, our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to represent clients in all level of court.

Negotiation and Mediation – Our family law lawyers are skilled negotiators. We assist clients in resolving disputes through negotiation and mediation, aiming to reach mutually acceptable agreements without the need for litigation.

Documentation and Paperwork – Family law cases involve a significant amount of paperwork, including legal documents, agreements, and court filings. At Jones Divorce and Family law, our lawyers help clients prepare and review these documents, ensuring accuracy and compliance with legal requirements.

Modification of Orders – When circumstances change, we help our clients modify existing court orders. This includes modifying parenting arrangements, visitation schedules, spousal support, or child support obligations to reflect new realities or address significant life events.

Why Jones Divorce and Family Law?

When it comes to choosing a family law firm, Jones Divorce & Family Law stands out for several reasons. First and foremost, our team of lawyers boasts extensive experience in handling a wide range of family law cases (over 150 years!). This wealth of knowledge allows us to navigate even the most complex legal situations with precision and skill. Second, our size allows us to offer a wide range of hourly rates to fit a variety of budgets. Third, we offer a unique team approach where clients can take advantage of both senior and junior counsel depending on the task required and the complexity of the issues, which helps our clients better manage and control their legal fees.

Jones Divorce & Family Law is dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction. By providing prompt responses and personalized attention, we strive to build strong client relationships based on trust and open communication.

The key aspects of our client-centric approach includes our commitment to timely communication and empowering clients through knowledge. We understand that family law matters require prompt attention and regular updates, so our team makes it a priority to keep clients informed about the progress of their case and promptly respond to any inquiries. We also believe that you are in the best position to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. We provide you with the legal information and analysis you need to make informed decisions.

“Very professional office. They listen to your concerns while making you feel comfortable with any questions you may have. A good place to help you with difficult decisions.”

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