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Understanding The Role Of Financial Stress In Marital Breakdowns

Understanding the Role of Financial Stress in Marital Breakdowns

While love, respect, and compatibility form the core foundation of a marriage, it’s essential not to neglect the practicality of financial stability. Financial issues encompass more than just income disparity or debt; they can also include differing spending habits, financial goals, and views on money.

Chronic financial stress can erode the intimacy and understanding in a relationship, leading to dissatisfaction, resentment, and in many cases, divorce. In this article, we’ll look at understanding the role of financial stress in marital breakdowns in Calgary and how a divorce lawyer can help in the event such situations arise.

Financial Stress

Studies show that financial stress is one of the leading causes of divorce, ahead of issues like incompatibility or infidelity. A recent survey revealed that 35% of respondents named money as the primary troublemaker in their marriage. Things that contribute to this can be:

  • Financial infidelity
  • Opposing views on how money is spent
  • Avoiding the subject of finance
  • Combined debt
  • The couple spends too much time trying to make money instead of being with family

Financial disagreements tend to be more intense than other argument types, taking longer to recover from and negatively impacting the relationship. Over time, the consistent worry about finances breeds stress, creating a consistent feeling of instability and insecurity that can chip away at marital happiness.

Continue reading for insights on how divorce lawyers in Calgary can help with the legal proceedings if the situation arises.

The Role of Divorce Lawyers

Understanding the implications of financial stress on marriages, divorce lawyers play a vital role that extends beyond legal proceedings. They can provide legal advice and guidance on financial planning, helping couples navigate the complex landscape of asset division, spousal support, and more.

Firms specializing in family law with experienced divorce lawyers in Calgary are specifically equipped to handle these scenarios. They’ll have a team of professionals who understand the nuances of financial stress and divorce and offer comprehensive services beyond simple legal counsel.

Working with Jones Divorce & Family Law

As difficult as it may be, having open conversations about finances and seeking professional help when necessary can help mitigate financial stress in a marriage.

Whether your marriage is going through a tough time due to financial stress or you’re considering divorce, know that resources are available to help. At Jones Divorce and Family Law, we understand the emotional and legal challenges that come with the dissolution of marriage from financial stress. We are committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

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