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How To Be An Effective Client: Working With Your Lawyer (Part 1)

How To Be An Effective Client: Working With Your Lawyer (Part 1)

As you know, your lawyer plays a significant role in determining the outcome of your file. What you might not realize is that your behaviour and demeanour is equally as important when it comes to reaching your legal goals. Our team of Calgary Divorce Lawyers recently sat down to discuss what qualities make an effective client. We have compiled a list of what you can do to ensure you and your lawyer work together to achieve your preferred resolutions.

Get Organized

Write everything down. Make sure to document questions, thoughts, ideas and anything you wish to cover during your time with your lawyer. Lawyers are paid hourly and the more organized you are, the more time your lawyer can dedicate to legal analysis and strategy.

Stay Engaged

Each legal case, like each marriage, is unique. Although your lawyer has worked with many people in a similar situation, they cannot read your mind. You need to work together to develop a clear, well-defined game plan. It takes time and effort to drive your file to a desired end.

Be Concise

Avoid sending multiple emails each day. Write down your thoughts and questions and send them together in one lengthy email. Lawyers bill based on the amount of time spent on your file. It takes more time to read and respond to multiple small emails than it does to one long well-written email.

Focus on the Big Picture

While it may feel good to win small battles along the way, it is far more important to win the war, even if that means letting some things go. Make “don’t sweat the small stuff” your mantra.

Do Your Homework

You’ll always know the history of your matter, the details of your case and the intricacies of your issues better than your lawyer. After all, you have lived it. If there is a DRO appointment, settlement meeting, mediation session or Questioning take some time to review your case and enter the process from a place of knowledge and strength. If requested, get your documentation together in a timely manner. It costs you money for the time it takes your lawyer to follow up on missing documents or unreturned correspondence.

Although these steps may seem intuitive, often when put into stressful situations, people can lose sight of their rational way of thinking. It’s a good idea to review these tips and recommit to them on a regular basis. Its much easier for your lawyer to help you, if you are willing to help yourself. Connect with us to learn more and book an initial consultation today.


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