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Retaining A Lawyer: How To Know Which One To Choose

Retaining A Lawyer: How To Know Which One To Choose

If divorce is one of your New Years resolutions, our team of Calgary based lawyers are here to help. We understand that finding the right lawyer isn’t always easy. This is especially true in family law cases where you may be expected to share details about your relationship and provide financial disclosure. Its very important that you do your research and retain someone that you trust to advocate on your behalf.

The Right Lawyer Will Be There For You

Don’t be fooled by legal jargon or the ability to say a lot of intellectual words. You want to retain someone that communicates clearly and is able to explain difficult legal concepts in a straight forward manner. In addition, you should trust the lawyer you retain and expect them to be honest about their legal strategy. This includes any foreseeable risks, strengths and weaknesses, and the range of likely outcomes. A good lawyer will tell you what the law is and how it applies to your case, not just what you want to hear. They will be up-to-date on current legal trends and knowledgeable about the development of recent case law. Finally, and arguably the most important factor, the right lawyer will reply to your correspondence in a timely manner and be available to answer your questions throughout each stage of the process.

Retain Someone Who Will Advocate For Your Goals

Of course, its best to work with someone that has an approach, personality and philosophy that fits with your goals. It may be beneficial to check out websites such as Lawyer Ratingz or Google reviews to help you learn more about your potential lawyers reputation. If you want a war and are going to trial, then you should hire a fearless litigator. If you want a resolution achieved in a way that allows for you to maintain an ongoing relationship then you should retain a lawyer with training and experience with amicable resolutions, such as someone with mediation, collaborative law or parenting coordination training.

If you are interested in retaining a lawyer, our team of Calgary divorce lawyers are here to help. To learn more about who we are visit our website and connect with us to set up an initial consultation.


Disclaimer: The content provided in the blog posts of Jones Divorce & Family Law is general information and should not be considered legal advice. Please contact a lawyer for legal advice tailored to your specific situation. All articles are current as of their original publication date.