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Falling In Love Again After Divorce (Part 1)

Falling in Love Again After Divorce (Part 1)

It’s a new year and, for many, time for a fresh start. However, the painful experience of divorce can leave you building high walls to guard yourself against future relationships. Happiness, trust and longing may not be the words you now associate with relationship experiences; falling in love again after divorce may seem unlikely, scary or even impossible.

The majority of people dream of finding a lifelong partner to enjoy and share life’s experiences. As a divorced individual, you deserve to fall in love again. Here are a few tips to start your journey toward finding love in 2017.

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1. A Time to Heal

Losing a person who was once a big part of your life initiates a grieving process that takes time to complete. It does not matter if you wanted the divorce or not. You are left with pieces of your life that need to be gathered and rebuilt.

Taking time to heal after a divorce before you decide to start dating again is critical. Falling in love and building a new, healthy relationship will be nearly impossible if you are still in a broken state. Take adequate time after a divorce to just be you, cater to yourself, reflect, enjoy life and heal as a single person.

2. Release Your Negative Feelings

Divorce breeds negative emotions. Anger, hurt and bitterness create heavy baggage that prevents the blooming of a fresh, new love. Hiding your feelings does not give way for a new relationship to enter. You must fully let go of your negativity before you begin to successfully date again.

It is normal to be nervous and skeptical of finding a new love, but harboring negative emotions creates the base for being a negative person. You will want to present a strong, positive individual who has made it through a painful event, overcome the past and is ready to date once again. Let yourself shine as you begin your search for a new love after divorce mediation. You deserve the fun and happiness the experience can bring. For more tips for healing and beginning again after going through a divorce, visit our blog.

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