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Cost Of Divorce In Canada: The Going Rate

Cost of Divorce in Canada: The Going Rate

Chatelaine Magazine recently published a very interesting article about the “going rate” of legal fees in Canada across each province and territory across all practice areas, including family and divorce law.

In a survey conducted by the Canadian Lawyers 2015 Legal Fees Survey, the following average national fee ranges were published for the practice area of Family Law:

  • Uncontested Divorce: $1,875
  • Contested Divorce: $13,638
  • Separation Agreement: $2,130
  • Child Custody and Support Agreement: $2,033
  • Trial Up to 2 Days: $18,706
  • Trial Up to 5 Days: $35,950
  • Marriage/Co-Habitation Agreement: $1,727
  • Spousal Support Agreement $2,208
  • Division of Property/Assets Agreement: $2,436

Financially Preparing for Divorce

For more information on financially planning for your divorce, please see our article on financially preparing for divorce.

Click here to read the full article (PDF). If you are looking for more information about your options for divorce, agreements, or division of property, connect with us directly.


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