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How To Negotiate A Divorce Settlement

How to Negotiate a Divorce Settlement

Divorce is a traumatic and nerve-wracking process. Often, mediated or negotiated divorces can spare a couple a great deal of extra heartache and anger. Many couples, however, may not be certain how to approach this process. We have been conditioned to view divorce as adversarial, angry and almost an all-out war between the splitting couple. This does not need to be the case if you maintain the proper mindset and take the mediation approach during a divorce settlement.

Overcoming Anger

Anger and a degree of bitterness are to be expected in a divorce. That being said, the best result always comes when the partners can overcome this rage and approach the proceedings calmly. Anger clouds your ability to see things clearly, and will interfere with your ability to come to an equitable settlement.

Compromise over Selfishness

Many couples succumb to greed during divorce proceedings. The desire of one partner to have everything because they feel they deserve it, or wishes to punish the other, becomes a barrier in settling the couple’s differences. This can lead to the failure of negotiations, which in turn results in adversarial and expensive litigation.

Greed often leads to the loss of money rather than gaining more. As you overcome your anger, also be willing to compromise. Take what is yours but be willing to give your spouse what is theirs.

Be Organized

Both parties must be organized and willing to take an active part in negotiations. The less you have your ducks in a row, the less likely you are to understand all the factors you have to deal with. Know what your assets are and where they lie, and be willing to hash things out piece by piece.

Level the Playing Field

You have made a decision to be partners in romance, life and finance. Just because the romance ends does not mean the partnership is completely over. Meet over a level playing field. Eject blame and forget about the issues that led to where you are. Work together as partners one last time and your divorce will go much more smoothly.

Seek Help if You Need It

Be willing to seek help when you need it. If you think you will hit an insurmountable impasse, running to litigation may not be the best answer. A mediated divorce might be just what you need. By getting rid of your pride and bringing in a neutral third-party, all of the above may be achievable.

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