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Arbitration Cost: How Much Does It Cost For Arbitration?

Arbitration Cost: How Much Does It Cost for Arbitration?

Arbitration Cost

Cost of Arbitration Services

Arbitration services are offered at a set hourly rate and therefore the cost of an arbitrated solution varies depending upon how long an arbitration hearing lasts. Essentially, arbitration cost is directly related to the of the arbitration, which is typically between one day and one week. Since it does not take nearly as long to get to arbitration than it takes to get to trial, arbitration tends to be significantly less expensive than litigation. Additionally, parties have the opportunity to control the level of formality of an arbitration hearing, which affords them more control over the cost of arbitration. In litigation, parties have no control over the process or level of formality.

There are many advantages of arbitration, depending on your personal situation and a number of factors. Connect with our team to book a private consultation to further discuss if arbitration may be right for you. We can also assist you with developing a more formal cost estimate at that point in time. You can book a consultation by emailing us at or by phone at (587) 393-8070. If you have any other questions about arbitration cost, don’t hesitate to connect with our team.

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