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Is Mediation For Me?

Is Mediation For Me?

Is divorce mediation right for me? Is mediation right for us as a couple?

Divorce mediation is a process that promotes effective communication, creative solutions and the resolution of conflict in a mutually agreeable manner. The way that issues become resolved can have a tremendous effect on a family’s adjustment to separation and future relationships with one another. All disputes can be resolved through mediation. Whether it is decision making, parenting time, the division of assets and debts or how income should be shared or any other number of issues, mediation can lead to the best possible outcome.

Who is mediation for?

Mediation is best suited to couples that are committed to working toward a solution to their dispute. Parties do not have to feel friendly to one another. In fact, it is very common for there to be feelings of anger, mistrust and trepidation about the other party – this is normal. The most important element is that both parties want to work toward a solution. Thus, mediation requires both parties to be involved in the process.

Will mediation work for my divorce?

A mediated resolution can only be achieved through the participation of both parties to a dispute so both people need to be willing to work with the mediator to achieve a solution. Mediation is a cooperative process – instead of attacking one another, the parties decide to tackle their problems together to work towards a mutual solution. This builds communication skills that can be used in future planning and parenting, which is of course critical when children are involved in a divorce.

Finally, mediation also promotes understanding which can lead to the foundation of a more cooperative relationship after divorce. This is another great advantage of using mediation for your divorce.

When is mediation not suitable for divorce?

Mediation is not for everyone. There are instances in which mediation will not be suitable to resolve your divorce, such as when Child Family Services is actively involved, when there is a history of severe abuse or when a child has been abducted from the jurisdiction.

Initial Consultation

Each and every divorce, couple and family are unique. Let’s get started with an initial consultation – completely complimentary and confidential. We can discuss the process of divorce mediation in greater detail as well as other options available, including arbitration or mediation with arbitration. Our team will walk you through the process and provide you with the information to help you make a decision on how to move forward. Click here to connect with our team to book your complimentary consultation.


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