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How To Choose An Arbitrator For Divorce

How to Choose an Arbitrator for Divorce

Arbitration, a dispute resolution process that help disputing parties reach an agreement outside of court, is an efficient and inexpensive process. Once you have decided on arbitration, you must choose an arbitrator. Choosing the right professional is essential to ensuring the process is as streamlined as possible.

How to Choose an Arbitrator

Choosing an arbitrtor may seem like a daunting and difficult task, but it does not have to be. The following advice will help you choose an arbitrator that is right for you.

  • They must know enough Alberta law to apply it to the dispute proceedings
  • Make sure the arbitrator you choose is a professional with experience as a family lawyer or dispute resolution specialist
  • Inquire about their professional credentials before you choose him
  • Choose an arbitrator that both parties trust to be impartial, diligent and competent
  • The arbitrator you choose must have training in screening parties for domestic violence and power imbalances

Helpful Tips 

Sometimes this process requires special expertise. Here are some additional tips on choosing a arbitrator:

  • A parenting coordinator may be appropriate when resolving a dispute that involves custody of children
  • An accountant or business professional may be appropriate when a dispute is mainly financial
  • All lawyers are not suitable to be arbitrators

After Choosing an Arbitrator

Once you have chosen an arbitrator with professional credentials and experience, you are ready to begin the arbitration process. Each party in the dispute tells his side and details specific decisions it would like the arbitrator to determine. The disputing parties may decide to present witnesses and documents to support their cases.

Keep these tips in mind as you resolve your dispute:

  • An arbitrator cannot change official family status
  • Decisions must be made in the best interests of children, if children are involved
  • He cannot decide what a person could not have decided on his own
  • The decisions an arbitrator must make should be detailed in the arbitration agreement

Settling a dispute can be a difficult process. Jones Divorce Law LLP will focus on making arbitration efficient and affordable for you. Connect with us to learn more and to get started with Jones.


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