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Process Options for Mediation

We offer four process options for mediation. Each process is conducted by a mediator with an extensive background in family law so you can be assured your outcome will be comprehensive and efficient. The hearing is held in an informal setting at our office. As such, there is no need to book court dates or adhere to the formal court process which may take months or even years. Plus, you are guaranteed a legally binding resolution at the end of the process.

Intake: Understanding the Process

Initial meeting to discuss issues, goals, background, and procedure. The mediator will ensure that each parties’ interests are identified and there is a clear path towards resolution. The mediator will provide actionable items for each party to complete prior to next session.

Foundation Work

Parties to collect and exchange disclosure and identify any other specialists needed for negotiation process. Mediator will assist in creating financial snapshot as starting point for negotiations.

Negotiation and Settlement

Parties to share goals and evaluate possible resolution options. The mediator will help parties get creative and brainstorm multiple options that can work for their unique situation. The mediator will help to evaluate the pros and cons of different solutions so that parties select a practical and fair agreement that addresses both parties’ interests and concerns.

Solution and Agreement

Parties finalize details of resolution, and the mediator to provide written agreement.

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