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Legal agreements explained

Legal agreements - Jones Divorce Law Services

When you and your ex reach an agreement on the many issues that arise as a result of a separation and divorce. You’ll need to convert your arrangement into a document that is legally binding and enforceable in order for both of you to be protected. That document can be called many different things: Minutes of Settlement, Separation Contract, Separation Agreement, Divorce and Property Agreement, etc. Regardless of what it is called, an agreement is a critically important document that sets out your legal rights and obligations, including your parenting, support and property rights.

There are specific requirements that must be met in order for such a document to be legally binding and enforceable. Those requirements are set out in legislation and have been interpreted through our courts. You need your agreement to be done correctly. You need to know you can rely on it, that your spouse will not be able to unilaterally alter it, and that it will be upheld, if necessary, in court.

Have confidence in your agreement by acquiring proper professional legal assistance from our lawyers.  We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you are protected by your agreement and that your agreement actually accomplishes what you wish to achieve.

Our senior partners have years of experience drafting separation agreements and are knowledgeable in the nuances associated with the enforceability of separation agreements.  Let us assist you in obtaining the peace of mind which comes with a secure and well-crafted agreement.