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What To Do If Your Spouse Cheated On You

What To Do If Your Spouse Cheated On You

With the recent hacking and exposure of the Ashley Madison website, infidelity is front and center in the public consciousness nowadays. Extramarital affairs are some of the most difficult situations any marriage can face, and very often lead directly to the doorstep of a divorce attorney. 

Some couples decide to confront the issue head-on and see if they can recover their marriage after an affair, and in some cases, this is possible. Here’s a look at how to know if marriage infidelity is the doorway to divorce for you, and how mediated divorce can at least salvage something of the broken trust. 

Save Your Marriage 

If spouses approach the problem of an affair the right way, it can be sometimes possible to salvage the marriage from the ashes of an affair. There are important aspects to keep in mind, and rebuilding trust can be a long and difficult road. It will not be easy, healing takes a long time, and sometimes in the end, divorce is still the best option. 

Dealing with the Problem

Many people think that getting to the root of the problem – finding the real reason the affair happened – is the key to solving the issue and healing the relationship. While the reason for the marriage infidelity is certainly important as a symptom of some underlying problem, its more important that the couple approach the problem the right way. In other words, how you deal with the act is more important than finding out why it happened. 

Love and Trust

An extramarital affair is a failure on many levels, and marriage is built on love and trust through the most difficult of times. How do you define the love that the two of you share, and how do you approach and overcome catastrophic failure on a level like this? 

If your love is deep enough, it can be possible to overcome something like an affair. If there is anything in your relationship that you consider unforgivable, you may be placing limits on your love.

An Affair: A Serious Challenge

Lets face it, though: For many couples, the betrayal of trust that happens through an affair is something that can be difficult or impossible to overcome. For these people, separation and dissolution of the partnership may be necessary. This doesn’t make you a bad person, nor does it compound the failure of the affair. The stress and difficulties combined with a very long road to healing may simply be too much to bear. 

Can Mediation or Arbitration Help Us Deal with an Affair?

Even for these couples, however, all hope is not lost. Mediation or arbitration can help to alleviate the anger, bitterness and betrayal and can even help to salvage a friendship and partnership from the broken romance. Mediated divorce allows the couple to sit down and work through their differences and the split in a way that allows them to retain privacy, maintain control of their decisions and assets, and come to an agreement for dissolving the partnership that is good for both. 

If you have suffered through marriage infidelity and think divorce may be an answer, connect with us today to set up an initial consultation. 


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