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Top 10 Ways To Guarantee A Divorce War (Part 2)

Top 10 Ways to Guarantee A Divorce War (Part 2)

Using our collaborative approach and expertise, our skilled team of Calgary based lawyers work towards amicable resolutions. We understand the dynamic nature of every unique situation, embrace challenges and deliver progressive, family-oriented solutions. However, we also acknowledge that divorce can cause a lot of tension and result in high-conflict situations. The following is part two of our list of the top 10 worst things you can do when going through a separation.

Hide Assets / Clean Out Bank Accounts/ Cut Off Financial Assistance

Unless you are looking for a divorce war, no significant changes should be made to your financial affairs before you speak to your family law lawyer. Obviously, discovering that you have been cut off financially is going to illicit a strong reaction. This will likely start a legal fight that only your lawyers will win.

Name Call And Be Disrespectful

If you start a fight, you cannot expect the other party to just walk away. Eventually, they will have had enough and take a stand. Inevitably, this will result in a long, drawn out legal battle. This will cause you to spend excessive time and money on your legal fees.

Use Children As A Weapon

Its not uncommon for lawyers to see parents forbidding the other party from having parenting time or being disruptive the other parents time with the children. Do not do this. In the same vein, you should refrain from badmouthing the other parent in front of your children or relying information through them. Your kids should never be responsible for sharing information about support, parenting schedules or new significant others. All of these behaviours invite nothing but trouble. Not only will you find yourself in legal warfare, your divorce lawyer will be taking your savings, the court will be seriously questioning your parenting abilities and ultimately, your children will question you.

Mud Sling

Its easy to get into a mud slinging divorce war. It takes a cool head or an experienced divorce lawyer to avoid becoming entrenched in a war that allows you to bring all your exs faults to light. If you dont want a divorce war you need to step back and refuse to play the blame game. Whats done is done. What comes next is what really matters and mud slinging is never going to help you or your ex move beyond the past and redefine your relationship as co-parents.

Never Let Anything Go

If you want to fight about everything, you can. You will be able to find a divorce lawyer that will take your money to fight about who gets which kitchen dish and who has an extra hour with the kids. However, that approach will almost certainly guarantee that you will be entrenched in a long and drawn out legal battle that could easily have been avoided. Find a divorce and family law lawyer that will help you see the big picture and evaluate what is really important.

If you have legal questions regarding separation or divorce, our team of family lawyers can assist you with identifying the answers. Connect with us to learn more and book a consultation today.


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