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Top 10 Ways To Guarantee A Divorce War (Part 1)

Top 10 Ways To Guarantee A Divorce War (Part 1)

Using our collaborative approach and expertise, our skilled team of Calgary based lawyers work towards amicable resolutions. We understand the dynamic nature of every unique situation, embrace challenges and deliver progressive, family-oriented solutions. However, we also acknowledge that divorce can cause a lot of tension and result in high-conflict situations. The following is a (two part) list of the 10 worst things you can do when going through a separation.

Hire A Lawyer That Stokes The Flames

Not all lawyers are created equal. If you want to avoid a legal war, retain a collaborative legal professional . Find someone you can work to evaluate your likelihood of success and help you prioritize your goals. If you go to a pit bull, you will likely find yourself in an expensive litigation battle, whether you want to or not.

Make False Allegations

Alleging abuse of yourself or children is always a contentious way to begin separation. The word abuse carries significant legal, emotional and societal baggage. You should use it very cautiously. Doing otherwise minimizes the severity of those that have actually suffered from abuse and can seriously back fire on those making unfounded allegations.

Dwell On The Past

Its exceedingly unlikely that any professional is going to be able to have you and your ex agree on everything that has led up to your divorce. The good news is that in order to settle your legal issues, you need not ever agree on the past. Focusing on the past keeps you in a state of angst where you cannot move forward. The sooner you realized that you cannot change the past the more likely you will be able to avoid a divorce war.

Move In With A New Partner Quickly Following The Separation

It can be very emotional and difficult for one party to see the other moving on. This is especially true immediately following a separation. Moving directly in with a new partner can make it almost impossible to avoid a legal battle unless the divorce lawyers involved are skilled and experienced family law counsel.

Become Entrenched in Tit-For-Tat

Losing sight of the forest through the trees is a common way for couples to become focused on small battles as oppose to the big picture. Do not get distracted from getting your matter resolved in a timely and cost effective manner. Top divorce lawyers can help, but be mindful of family law attorneys that also get caught up in the fight. Its your life, your dispute and you are in charge.

If you have legal questions regarding separation or divorce, our team of family lawyers can assist you with identifying the answers. Connect with us to learn more and book a consultation today.


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