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New Year, New You – Resolutions for the Newly Divorced

Was Divorce On Your List of New Years Resolutions?

The new year is a perfect time to reassess the previous year and set new goals. January aka “Divorce Month” is widely known in the family law community as being extremely busy with new cases. A divorce can be challenging but if you’re diligent, you can turn this difficult experience of being newly divorced into a life lesson and opportunity to change for the better. Whether you are currently in the process of a divorce or your divorce has been finalized, here are our top five suggestions for starting the new year off on the right foot.

Start Forgiving

Forgiveness is as much for the person who grants it as it is for the person who receives it. Forgiveness operates to erase or reprogram our natural thought process enabling us to see or talk to someone without having old negative thoughts fill our mind. You don’t necessarily have to forget, but forgive, clear your mind and move on.

Be Co-operative

Co-operation can be particularly important if there are children involved. Next time your ex requests a reasonable change to the parenting plan or visitation schedule, try to be accommodating.

Take Control

Create a budget, analyze your retirement accounts, create an emergency fund, and take a look at your investments. Knowing what you have will help you make informed decisions throughout the new year.

Practice Patience

Remember that divorce is a difficult transition so give yourself time to process and grieve. Be patient with your mind and body as it recovers and allow yourself the proper time to fully move on.

Focus on You

Now is the ideal time to focus on yourself and your needs. Make time to do the things that bring you joy, perhaps try a new hobby or take a class. Drive your stress away by exercising the mind and the body. Read a new book or go on a walk, do anything that takes your mind off things.

New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for all those who have failed to start making the changes that they said they would make next week, or even next month. Take this opportunity to change your mindset and enjoy the year ahead. If you need help with the divorce process, connect with us today.


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