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How Divorce Mediation Can Save Your Marriage

How Divorce Mediation Can Save Your Marriage

There is not a couple out there who goes into marriage expecting or wanting a divorce. After all, you’ve agreed to a life-long partnership together, through thick and thin. Barring situations of abuse, habitual infidelity or other extreme situations, many parties try to work through their differences prior to proceeding with divorce proceedings. However, when it does come time to split, attempting a mediated divorce has been known to not only preserve the couples dignity, it can actually result in saving the marriage.

The Purpose of a Mediator

Nobody calls a mediator because they’re looking for a fight. You call a mediator because you are trying to maintain control over your partnership and come to a solution for your problems that will preserve your dignity and, on some level, your relationship.

The mediator, likewise, is not looking to push the couple into a funnel from which a divorce is the only outcome. Mediators are impartial representatives whose job it is to help you cooperate like you once did. Through the process of cooperation, some couples can actually re-ignite their ability to work through their problems.


Communication is the primary focus of a mediated resolution. Similarly, it is often the major breakdown that leads to divorce in the first place. By opening your mind and facing your communication problems head-on, you may discover that the person on the other side is still the person you married, and the barriers impacting the breakdown of your relationship can be overcome.

Removing Blame

Mediated divorce proceedings are all about removing blame. Usually, in a divorce, there is plenty of blame to go around and focusing on whose fault it is rarely leaves you with results. The funny thing is, once you remove blame from the picture, there often isn’t much left to argue about. When this happens you can ask yourself, is divorce the right answer for your relationship, or is there something there to salvage and save?

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