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Parenting Plans: A Guide To A Happy Holiday Season

Parenting Plans Help Create Happy Memories

Co-parenting can be a hard process. This is especially true during the holidays when there are so many events, so much family and a lot of high expectations. We recommend thinking about the Holidays well in advance to allow time to address and resolve issues before the big events. Generally, the court system is very back logged this time of year so it’s important to raise parenting issues early with your family law lawyer.

Arbitration Keeps You Out of the Courtroom

At Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. we tackled this issue by creating 4 unique arbitration processes to keep you out of the courtroom. Our Accelerated Hearing can lead to results in just 5 days. The process is easy and goes like this: both parties submit written evidence to the Arbitrator and each other. The parties then have the opportunity to submit a rebuttal and then another rebuttal for a total of 3 submissions per party. The Arbitrator will then review all the written evidence and issue a binding written decision which can include a Consent Order. This process is great for dealing with interim parenting issues, vacation and holiday time and travel authorizations.

Focus on the Kids

The best interest of the child shouldn’t just be a term you use in correspondence between legal counsel. The holidays can be especially difficult on children as their excitement and emotions are already running high. You and the other party should do everything you can to put differences aside and come to an agreement on how to make the holidays as memorable as possible for your children. It is imperative as co-parents that you minimize your children’s exposure to conflict and find ways to communicate effectively.

Be Prepared

Having an effective parenting plan in place is key to a smooth co-parenting relationship. Parenting plans are designed to provide families with consistency and mitigate conflict before it arises. Knowing who will have the kids for each special occasion is helpful not only to you but it provides a sense of security to your children. If you need help coming up with a parenting plan that works, connect with us today.

We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.