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Creating New Traditions: A Guide To Celebrating Mother’s Day Post-Separation

Creating New Traditions: A Guide to Celebrating Mother’s Day Post-Separation

Mother’s Day would be a full day of pampering and relaxation in an ideal world. Your kids would prepare you breakfast in bed to show their appreciation for all you do for them, and you’d receive flowers and chocolates throughout the day. But let’s face it, we don’t live in the ideal world, and more often than not, you have to make your breakfast or buy your flowers.

This is especially true if you have recently separated and are adapting to being a single parent. Our team of Calgary-based family law lawyers has put together a guide to Mother’s Day to help you have the meaningful day you deserve. Whether you’re a mom, stepmom, adoptive mom, mom-to-be, or grandma, it’s your day, and you can create new and meaningful traditions for yourself and your family.

Here are a few ideas to show yourself some love this Mother’s Day.

Explore Local Markets

Support local while enjoying some retail therapy! A few markets are happening in Calgary on Mother’s Day weekend, including:

Unplug & Unwind With a Spa Day

What better way to show yourself some love than with a relaxing and rejuvenating spa day? Check out these special Mother’s Day spa packages in Calgary:

Taking Time for You: Mother’s Day and Beyond

We hope these ideas inspire you to make this Mother’s Day – and every day – a special opportunity for self-care and rejuvenation. We understand the pressures you face and the limited time you may have with family, which is why we encourage you to cherish these moments of relaxation and connection with your kids.
If you are going through separation or divorce, remember that you’re not alone. Jones Divorce & Family Law is here to support you through these challenges with compassionate, expert guidance. Connect with us to set up an initial consultation.

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