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I Just Separated. What Do I Do Now? (Part 1)

I Just Separated. What Do I Do Now? (Part 1)

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Get Good Legal Advice – As Soon as Possible 

How you approach dealing with your spouse after separation can have a significant impact on how your matters are resolved. It can be difficult to move from a war to a constructive, problem-solving method. Speaking to a good family law lawyer can save you a great deal of stress and money later. Understanding your legal rights and obligations, developing an effective and productive strategy for resolution and learning some practical techniques for dealing with your ex can be invaluable on both personal and financial levels.

Do Not Make Promises (Or Threats) Too Soon

Avoid taking specific positions without knowing your legal rights and obligations. Instead, commit to working together toward a settlement that works for your family. Acknowledge that while you may need some help getting to a mutually agreeable resolution, you want to work toward that goal.

Separate the Legal From the Non-Legal

Any separation involves emotional and relationship issues as well as legal issues. While all issues are important, the legal system is often not the place for the emotional and relationship issues to be resolved. People that are able to separate the legal issues from the non legal issues are often the people that are able to resolve their legal dispute quickly and constructively. Make an investment in yourself and attend counselling, read some books on how to get through a divorce.

Don’t Panic

People make the best decisions when they are able to use rational, left-brain thinking. Try to relax and avoid making decisions when you are angry, afraid or upset. Take the time and space you need (and get the good legal advice you need) to be able to make a good decision.

Separation: Choose to Do It Right

Learn about the dispute resolution options that are available and choose a process that you believe will allow you to achieve your goals. Our expert team of family lawyers can assist you with identifying the best dispute resolution process to suit your needs and those of your family. Connect with us to learn more and book a consultation today.


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