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How To Create An Agreeable Holiday Parenting Plan

How To Create An Agreeable Holiday Parenting Plan

Disruptions to your routine can often feel stressful and take away from the joy of holidays, vacations and school breaks. However, with a proper parenting plan in place these occasions dont have to be a source of discomfort. Its entirely possible to have a parenting schedule that allows everyone to enjoy special occasions. When selecting a parenting plan for holidays and vacations try to think about it from the childs point of view. Children will benefit from having the opportunity to spend special times with each parent and extended family members.

Parenting plans should prioritize the child


It is important to put children first when planning for holidays. Both parents should be flexible when creating arrangements that will affect the time the child spends with their family. As result, it may be necessary to celebrate some holidays or events outside of the actual date. It may be beneficial to schedule phone calls between the child and the other parent during holidays. This will make the child feel connected and at ease. You should also keep in mind that the most important factor in a childs development is minimizing exposure to conflict. As such, its a good idea to incorporate a specific schedule for parenting during major holidays and school breaks. You can always agree to change the parenting plan but it gives you a rule book to fall back on in the event a disagreement arises.

The 2 Most Important Factors With Holiday Parenting Plans

Remember, there is no such thing is a standard schedule. Each family is unique and agreeing upon a parenting plan allows you to create a holiday schedule that best meets your childs needs to celebrate with each parent in a manner that is in keeping with each parents traditions and values.

Both parents should take two factors into consideration when planning for school breaks, 1) the childs activities and 2) the availability of each parent. If neither parent is available during the day and third party care is required, parents should seek to find a schedule that allows the child to spend the most amount of time with a parent. Most typically, parents agree to carve out vacation time from the regular parenting schedule, keeping in mind the age and stage of development of the child, the parties availability, and any unique needs of the child.

With major holidays around the corner, it is a good idea to start discussing your parenting plan now. If you need help with your parenting plan, our team of Calgary based family lawyers are here to help. Connect with us to set up an initial consultation.


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