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How To Get Through Your First Solo Holiday Season

How To Get Through Your First Solo Holiday Season

If you have recently gone through a separation or divorce, the thought of spending the holiday season alone can be extremely stressful. The emotional and financial anxiety of the breakdown of a marriage is enough to take a toll on even the most resilient individuals. Our family law lawyers know how draining this experience can be and have composed their top advice to get you through this holiday season.

Say No To Things You Don’t Want To Do

Dreading your holiday work party? Can’t stand the idea of spending the weekend at your mother’s house? Loath the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on your spoiled cousins? Just. Say. No. It really is that simple. Learn to say no to the things that stress you out this holiday. Sure, maybe it’s a little selfish – but after what you’ve been through this year we promise no one will hold it against you. Our only advice is to try to RSVP in advance to give your host plenty of notice if you won’t be attending their function. If you follow this rule you don’t have to feel guilty about a thing.

Get In The Spirit

You know the saying, fake it till you make it, right? Well, that’s exactly what we are getting at here. Decorate your house, buy a tree, bake (or buy) Christmas cookies! By doing these things you will trick your brain into feeling festive and as a result you will actually feel happier. There is no use moping around in the dark when you can have a gigantic Christmas tree in your living room to brighten your spirits. And while you might feel silly at first, science has actually proven that consciously trying to be happier can actually life your mood (the Journal of Positive Psychology). So crank up those Christmas carols and put a smile on!

Spend Time With People Who Make You Feel Good

You know those friends who always encourage your far-fetched ideas, the ones who can make you smile from cheek to cheek and stay up late giggling at an inside joke. Call them up! Show up on their door step with a bottle of wine in your pajamas. There is no shame in asking your friends for help. They say that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Why not make these 5 people, people who uplift your spirits and leave you feeling good? This holiday season, skip the draining conversations with extended family who ask too many questions and offer nothing in return for people who make you feel good and empowered.

Pay It Forward

The holiday season is often called “the season of giving”. Why not give to someone who really needs it this year. This can mean giving money, gifts or time. We recommending find a charity or organization that you can relate to you and dedicate yourself to it. Some really great Calgary based organizations that we are passionate about include:

Get Out Of Town

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself during a difficult time is get a change of pace and scenery. You may benefit from a mini get-away either by yourself or with a close friend. Thankfully, Calgary is close to many wonderful destinations. Escape to the mountains for a relaxing weekend in a beautiful setting. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous why not check out Vancouver, Seattle or Portland. These charming cities are sure to cure your holiday blues.

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