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How To Be An Effective Client: Working With Your Lawyer (Part 2)

How To Be An Effective Client: Working With Your Lawyer (Part 2)

This week we continue with tips on how to be an effective client and the role you play in resolving your file. Its important to remember that your lawyer is always acting in your best interest. You should make a conscious effort to do the same. Working as a team will help alleviate any unnecessary stress and move the proceedings along in a timely manner.

Be Realistic

Work with your lawyer to discover the range of likely outcomes and focus your energy on these. Keep in mind that it’s unlikely that your best or worst case scenario will come true.

Check Your Emotions At The Door

We know, easier said than done. Your lawyer is there to be objective and will help you make rational decisions. Lawyers know that emotional decisions are dangerous and can easily cause you to spend excessive time and money on small issues that get blown out of proportion.

Your Lawyer Is Your Legal Advisor, Not Your Counsellor

While your lawyer can empathize with your situation, they do not have the expertise to act as counselors, psychiatrists or social workers. If you are struggling with the emotional consequences of your separation you should consult a qualified mental health care practitioner.

Be Courteous and Professional

Lawyers are used to dealing with emotional clients and understand that this is one of the most stressful times of your life, but placing blame on your lawyer or treating them like a punching bag is not pleasant for anyone. Remember, your lawyer is on your side and they are doing their utmost to advocate vigorously on your behalf.

Trust Your Lawyer

Friends, colleagues, and acquaintances may want what is best for you, but they are not likely to have the legal know-how to provide you with advice that takes into account how the law applies to your life. Your lawyer is in the unique position of being a few steps removed and therefore, is able to see your circumstances clearly from a more objective and impartial perspective. That, combined with their extensive legal knowledge and experience, is invaluable to you.

Bonus Tip: An Effective Client Hires the Right Lawyer!

No matter how many issues you seek to resolve, how complicated the file is, or how much you may disagree with the opposing party, the number one indication of how a file will proceed is the lawyer that you retain. Do your research. Different lawyers have different backgrounds, approaches, reputations and personalities. Finding the one that you connect with will be a huge advantage for your file.

Our team of Calgary divorce lawyers are committed to working with you to accomplish the resolution that best suits your needs and those of your family. Connect with us to learn more and book an initial consultation today.


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