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5 Life Lessons You Should Learn From Divorce

5 Life Lessons You Should Learn From Divorce

With nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, it’s inevitable that you know someone or you are someone who has been through this life-altering event. At Jones Divorce and Family Law, we believe if you are going to go through all the work of a divorce you might as well get something out of it. And by something, we mean personal growth, insight and ways to improve future relationships. Read on for insight into life lessons our clients have claimed to learn during divorce.

Life Lesson 1. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

When going through a divorce you really learn to focus on the big picture. You need to learn when to let the little stuff slide in order to accomplish your big goals. For example: it doesn’t make any sense to spend $5,000 fighting over a $250 blender just because the other party really likes morning smoothies and you want to see them hurt. Don’t let things control your emotions. 

Life Lesson 2. You Are Capable Of More Than You Imagine

When you first decide to separate it’s difficult to image what life will be like on your own. You learn so much about the difference between loneliness and solitude during those first few months. You will begin to enjoy the quiet moments of reflection. You will learn to be your own best friend. You will also learn a lot about leaning on your support group. A lot of people care about you and will show up for you in times of need – let them.

Life Lesson 3. You Can Survive With Less Than You Think

Transitioning from a dual income to a single income can be scary. You will need to reevaluate your priorities and find ways to cut back. Don’t worry – it gets easier with practice. You will learn to adjust to your new lifestyle and start to value your money in a whole new way. You will learn how to budget, save and to treat yourself within your means.

Life Lesson 4. How To Communicate Openly and Honestly

Lasting relationships are built are communication. This is how you learn to trust, respect and love another person. It is how you set expectations in a relationship and how you set boundaries during a martial breakdown. This is especially important if you have children. Your role as partners to co-parents may not be an easy transition but learning to communicate effectively will have a much more positive outcome.

Life Lesson 5. Life Goes On

It may seem impossible to image right now but it’s possible to move on from divorce and find a new partner. Put things into perspective by asking yourself “will this matter 5 years from now”? If the answer is no, don’t dwell on it. You will find happiness again.

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