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Prenuptial Marriage Agreement With Legal - Jones Divorce & Law

How Can I Talk About a Pre-Nup?

Summer is a popular time for couples to get engaged and excited to move ahead with wedding planning. Amidst this time of great excitement should be some serious time to discuss the possibility of developing a pre-nuptial agreement. But why? And…

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Concept Of Child Support - Jones Divorce & Family Law

Managing Arguments Around Children

Let's face it - every couple, no matter how loving your relationship, encounter disagreements. Whether trivial in nature or more significant, managing disagreements and sheltering children from experiencing the emotion behind an argument is an important consideration for parenting, particularly…

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How to Create a Custody Agreement

When you go through a divorce, the hardest part is facing a future without the partner you thought youd be with forever. Only slightly less difficult, however, is the process of determining who gets custody of the children and how…

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What To Do If Your Spouse Cheated On You

With the recent hacking and exposure of the Ashley Madison website, infidelity is front and center in the public consciousness nowadays. Extramarital affairs are some of the most difficult situations any marriage can face, and very often lead directly to…

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