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Divorce Lawyers - Jones Divorce & Family Law

Grounds for Divorce in Alberta

If you are considering divorce or currently going through a separation, it is important that you understand the grounds for divorce that apply here in Alberta as well as across Canada. Unfortunately, many couples fail to properly understand this important…

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Limited Arbitration In Divorce

Limited Arbitration in Divorce

One of the more interesting facets of divorce law is that many couples facing this difficult situation do not realize how many options they have. For the majority of divorcing partners, the traditional method of going before the courts, battling…

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Arbitration Lawyers - Jones Divorce & Family Law

How Long Does Arbitration Take?

There are several advantages of arbitration over traditional litigation when dealing with matters of divorce. Length of time can certainly be considered one of the advantages of arbitration when working through your separation or divorce. The length of an arbitration…

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Divorced Holidays - Jones Divorce & Family Law

Divorce During the Holidays

For recently divorced parents, managing divorce through the holidays can be an especially difficult time for both you, your children and your entire family. This is especially true if your children are spending the holidays with the other parent. There…

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