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Family Law Case: Family Violence And Failure To Disclose Assets

Family Law Case: Family violence and failure to disclose assets

This case was a high-conflict family case where the parties separated in 2015 after 13 years of marriage and two children later. There was family violence and failure to disclose assets. The trial judge found this was a rare case in which family debt should be reapportioned 100% against one spouse.

The respondent had secured a line of credit against the family home in order to fund a loan to a friend. The claimant’s evidence was that the respondent had misled her as to the amount of the loan ($3,000 instead of $300,000), hit her to compel her to sign the bank documents, and now had excluded her and her counsel from involvement in recovery of the debt.

The trial judge therefore found that the respondent should be solely responsible for repaying the line of credit against the home. This ruling was upheld by the Court of Appeal.